Jackie Brown (1997) movie review

Tuesday, 2.18.20

Today, I watched a film on the indie channel while eating breakfast. I thought this LA thug movie was interesting because it is suspenseful, but it reminded me of Pulp Fiction. At the end of the movie, while reading the credits, I noticed that it was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. All his movies have a similar style and theme. Samuel Jackson is also in this movie, but his thug sidekick is Robert De Niro. Samuel Jackson’s thug character is like a pimp with long hair brushed back, usually in a low ponytail, and braids his beard into one thin strand. His character gathers some young bimbo bitches off the street to do “errand jobs” for food. Bridget Fonda, with bleached blonde hair and golden Cali tan, is one of his bitches, because she is a hasbeen model, who just does drugs, nags, and lays around in a colorful bikini top and denim cuttoffs or sarong. Another girl is Sharonda, a young poor black girl desperate for food and money. There is also a Bondsman and detectives (one is Michael Keaton) working to get these thugs.

The movie starts when detectives notice Jackie Brown is carrying a small bag of cocaine with a bag filled with money. She goes to jail. When she gets out, she works with the detectives, transferring lots amount of money to the bondsman. This transfer of money is performed undercover, where Jackie meets Sharonda or Melonie–young skanks who work for the Samuel Jackson character. But on one run, Melonie gets the bag with the Robert De Niro character, and they run off to meet the Samuel Jackson character. Jackie played a trick on Ordail(Samuel Jackson), and placed less money into the shopping bag, which is always over with old clothes, towels, and paperbacks. And, chaos happens during that trade. Everything goes bad, and it is downhill for Lewis(Robert De Niro), Ordail (Samuel Jackson), and Meloni (Bridget Fonda).

Jackie Brown gets out of jail and decides to play the game, playing both sides–the detectives, bondsman, and the thugs.

Jackie Brown is a 1997 movie, starring Pam Grier, Samuel Jackson, Robert De Niro, Bridget Fonda, Michael Keaton, and Robert Forster.

I did notice that both Jackie Brown and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood were produced by Harvey Weinstein. All of Quentin Tarantino’s movies are about thug life.


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