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Collect all your rubbish

I’d want to say that lately, more than a year now,  I’ve only seen debris around – large piles under the trees, hills slides, lots of small trash in the grass or bushes – I decided that I already have a diagnosis here. Wherever I go I look for the trash… And you notice?

When I am told that there are no plastic problems with us because I should look at how trashy is Asia… This is when I want to start arguing very hotty. It is enough to look under our feet at the ground on which we stand. It is good that you have not stepped on any gift left by dogs of careless hosts, because they often are left even if it is forbidden here.

Although it’s true. When I came back to Lithuania after traveling to Africa or Asia, I see how clean we live to compare with those continents. it looks that even our air is cleaner, fresher. But still, I want my country was absolutely clean,  want that people would act responsibly about collecting all their rubbish.

We require children to collect toys after playing, and when will we learn not to drop fag-ends on the ground, collect dogs’ poop, or throw rubbish in a container?

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