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The Veil ~ 365 Photos Challenge #273

Gray clouds become a veil for the blue sky. The sky was grim even though the sun’s rays remained fully present. But, even if the clouds don’t hang there, the blue sky is also a cover of the space, though, by that, the day seems more cheerful indeed.

If you can get past those blue veils, whether you are flying with a spaceship or just flying through breathing, until your body floats in a vacuum space, or intuition explores the ocean of universe, the open mind knows that we are still stuck in another veil, a vacuum space of the universe, the same dimension with this flesh and blood. No matter how many zeros are added in the distance of exploration in the galactic space, consciousness is still bound to the mind, the mind which is still covered by the veil; space. The space, like the ego, is a veil between man and real life.

The veils are a game, played by living, together with himself. The Names, which is almighty and infinite, has covered itself with something that is nothing but itself which can only be revealed through spiritual realization. Only in that way, because as a spiritual being, the purpose of the spiritual life is to be able to reveal the  physical veil in order to see the spirit until it can recognize the outward in the inner light, and it is only possible if we can penetrate into the center of ourselves, uncovering the veil inside, internalized, and gaining inner vision.


What do you think?


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  1. “…uncovering the veil inside, internalized, and gaining inner vision.”
    I always see layers of thought in the lens of reasoning, logic, common sense and undestanding. Like you said, “internalizing” is the key, and then, putting my understanding into action.

    You took the photo from your balcony, or at the gate of your house?

    • Thinking logically in life for a life is very important, but realizing life, aware as the life – our soul – seems to be far more important, well at least for me, Country Mama.

      Oh, that’s the photo I took on a commuting when the car was moving and at that time I felt that the natural composition was very beautiful with gray clouds and very bright light. The atmosphere seems unique.

      Thank you so much for the visit and your thought, my friend.

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