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The scams I’ve been through

Hi, everyone, I’m here to share a story about scams – all the scams that I’ve been through throughout my years in trying to earn online.

I know the thought of earning online is pretty unrealistic in many ways, however, I was too stuck and unhappy to think about that. But that will be another story, now let’s focus on the scams, okay?

I started trying to earn online about 10 years ago?


I remembered joining a site called “MyBrowserCash” (MBC) (which is still running now). It’s a pay per click/task site that pays a few cents for a click. It pays peanuts but that wasn’t the way I choose to earn with them.

Back then, MBC have this “shares” system that allows uses to buy “shares” that return daily and mature after about 30 days. The shares pays depends very much on how much profits the site earns but I’ve made profits with every share I bought.

However, MBC removed the share system soon after and converted all my “non-matured” earnings from my shares to unless points that could be used to advertise and post task on their site. But due to the sudden change and removal of the best way to earn, the site becomes “dead” and they start to delay payments and eventually stop paying.

I was hit pretty hard by MBC and I moved onto “investment” and I picked only sites that allows Paypal. It’s difficult to find but I eventually found a few, but I decided to try Paypal Forex.

Earning is very simple, you deposit in a plan (be it 110% after 2 days or 10% daily) and wait for the plan to mature and then withdraw your earnings (or re-invest them back)

However, the site turns scam pretty quickly. They first started to drag payment for days and then weeks, giving crappy excuses like “waiting for funds to transfers from another account” or “we don’t pay in Paypal anymore”. Then they stop replying to any emails.

After almost 3 weeks of waiting, I finally decided to file a dispute in Paypal to get my money back. And that’s when the nightmare started. The site owner went and file multiple dispute for every payment I made to him, claiming I didn’t offer service after payment.

The dispute went on for about a week, fortunately I’ve kept the email exchange and screenshots of my account and Paypal ruled in my favour.


After being scammed, I was very disappointed and somewhat afraid of those “make-money” sites that you practically “do-nothing”. So I turn to writing and “tasks” sites. I eventually landed on Reviewstream.

The site is pretty crappy (both in terms of design and security) but I thought “what more do I’ve to lose?” so i went ahead and joined.

The site have 2 rates – the full (or normal) rate or bulk rate (when they think your review is okay but not willing to pay you the full rate) which is 1/5 of the full price and the minimum withdrawal rate is 10 times the full rate amount of your first accepted review, even if you get paid the bulk rate for your first review. This make payout ridiculously high.

I submitted a few reviews to try things out and eventually got amount credited into my account and after working hard for almost 3 months, I was just about $20 (about 6-7 reviews) away from cashing out. However, nightmare starts and they started to reject every single reviews I wrote, without any reasons.

When I asked them about it, they just replied in a rudely without giving me any explanations. Eventually they dropped my trust score to a pathetic state that I can’t get good rates for my reviews. (The rate/amount you get for the review is very much linked with your trust score, a low trust score mean you get lower for writing a review)

Now, I was suddenly back to 10-11 more reviews before I could cash out. But they kept rejecting everything I submitted, so yes, till now I’ve a huge amount in my account but never able to cash out.

I don’t know what others have experience with the site, but they were very nice right at the start, until you’re almost able to cash out.

Although with all these experiences are bad and hurtful, I actually do learn a few good things out of being scams. I grew a little stronger and I walked out of my room finally and got a part time job. Now, I don’t jump into “get-pay-to” sites and even if I did, its mainly because I want to share and interact, not to earn.


What do you think?

Written by alibb