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The Lover of Goodbye

THE LOVER OF GOODBYES was inspired by some line in one of Rumi’s quotes. Sometimes, people who are closest to our soul break our heart through disappointment or betrayal – experiences that are deeply painful it takes us a long while to recover. Time heals all wounds, they say. Maybe so. Yet, the scar will be always there to remind us of that moment.

Pain changes a person. It could strengthen or weaken a spirit. Absolutely, the choice lies in us. For some, that choice is learning how to keep their hand open even when someone is holding it. Loving freely without attachment. Loving for the sake of loving without expecting return. Expectation creates disappointment; disappointment causes hurt. To simply love is to take the high road – to be always ready to give freedom when such freedom is asked. What use is holding on if the soul is no longer there, anyway? Fight for love only when it requires fighting for and if someone is fighting beside you…if it is the other way around, learn to pick up the pieces, move on and become a LOVER OF GOODBYES.


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