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The Coronavirus Racism

The negative part of coronavirus is the rise of racism. It was China who began with allegations that U.S. army brought the virus to China. Later, it became Chinese virus with U.S. saying the virus was engineered by China.

Trump said WHO underreported the actual figures of infection and deaths from coronavirus in China meaning the organization was siding with China. He asserted he might withdraw his funding of WHO since US is the largest funder in the organization. 

WHO’s general said the racist attacks against him were unfounded and he had evidence the remarks against him.originated from Taiwan. Taiwan responded the general should apologize because they know what it means being discriminated. Since Taiwan is a colony, they don’t share the privilege of being a member of international bodies.

Now, foreigners specially Africans have been evacuated from hotels and hostels in China. The reason is that Africans have brought the disease to China. The authorities are involved in evacuation. They are stranded and despite talks between the government and African ambassadors, the situation hasn’t changed.


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    • It hasn’t made anyone feel better but to make us aware of issues that are detrimental to humanity. Also, through the discuss, it assists to embrace what is good and stand for what is right.

  1. Judging people or races on a superficial view is not good.
    However, easy to do.

    I have a high respect for the Chinese people and they are very good hosts and hard working, even if in their nation they hold life in low regard.
    Poverty brought that on, and when you look at any race, to be fair you also need to look at their circumstances.

    I could see in advance some would take a bullet to the Islamic people in New Zealand because of the bad press of Islamic people..
    It is totally unfair and some people stay in their groups of predudice and preconception.

    Not all white europeans take a bullet to other races but you will always get some ..sadly.


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