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Talking Birds for Saturday Critters

Of course, parrots are the first who come to mind when speaking of “talking birds”, but I decided to give you a short break from my parrots posts. You can see some of my previous parrot posts below in case you have missed them:

Cute and Funny Parrots (Part 1)

Cute and Funny Parrots (Part 2) 

As a non-native English speaker, sometimes I envy these birds for their pronunciation! 😀

Bonus: Two kinds of jays speaking cat language. 

Which video is your favorite? 

The cover photo is mine, from last spring. 


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  1. Hah my early warning system had me put down my coffee before playing Ellie Videos. I don’t have to clean my screen now. HAH your evil plot foiled!

    i love the videos. Have you seen the show Bird Brain on Netflix? it talks about how intelligent birds really are…


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