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Strange Phobias #3

11. Elurophobia

Did you know many people fear cats than dogs especially that cats are used by witches and sorcerers for evils purposes? Also as some people say, cats are mean.

12. Venustraphobia

Well, I kind of have this fear. There are people who have fear of beautiful women. Don’t ask, I don’t know why:)

13. Philematophobia

While it’s a gesture of love, some of us have a phobia of kissing. What might happen when I kiss them or they kiss me? Will they bite my lips? Will I faint at the touch of the kiss?

14. Porphyrophobia

If only users here like Carol, Kim, Lacho, Vidocka to name a few knew there are people who have a fear of the color purple.

15. Octophobia

Maybe if we could ask Doc if he could ask his mathematics friend on our behalf if he might know why some people fear the number 8. I’m curious why they fear this figure.


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Written by Benny


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  1. A kiss can transmit some germs…
    Also, I saw that in a movie and I am not sure whether it is possible, but if onw person has eaten something, and they kiss someone who is allergic to said food, that can cause an allergic reaction.

  2. i sent your question to my pal! He is offline on most weekends (decompression time for him) but hopefully, he will get back to me tomorrow.

    I love this series! I don’t like purple but I don’t fear it.


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