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Still Saturday

I am going to try something I have never done here before. I am going to have you spend most of the day with me. I have already been up four hours, so you missed those! But the rest of the day I am going to give you a peak at how the day works out. (This could go terribly wrong, and yet if you never try new things you never learn.)

I keep a running to-do list besides my general goals. This is the list I just made to get me started.

Today Sat 27 July

Get dressed for heaven’s sake!

Take out the trash and reach 500 steps (7:15)

Complete and fax the paper work for medication 7:25

Call in prescription refills 7:30

Make a menu 7:45

Write for 20 minutes

Start brother’s laundry

Spray thistles reach 1000 more steps


Now since you are spending the day with me now, it’s time for me to go out and see how my husband is doing on the car. We needed an oxygen sensor replaced. He wanted to do it himself. I agreed if he would let his son help him.

He lied. He is now out there tearing apart the car and breaking things. I have missed my doctors appointment that I waited three months to get because he wouldn’t do this project with the help of his son or take it to a professional. I am angry. I am frustrated. I feel hopeless. Welcome to the Pity Party Portion of my day. 


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