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Serial seductionist Brigitte Bardo captured cinema viewers in the early 1950s, turning from a sweet little girl into her modeling photo sessions into a sex goddess in her films.

But glory led her to a deep depression, four suicide attempts, four marriages, over 100 lovers, including women, and an unwanted pregnancy with a difficult birth, wrote the Daily Mail. “In the game of love, she is as much a hunter as a prey,” says Simon de Bovario in a recent biography of the French actress entitled “Bridget Bardo: Life, legend, films.” It was the work of Jennifer Vincento and was published by the Carlton Buster Publishing House.

Born in a wealthy Parisian family on September 28, 1934, she lived in the elegant 16th district of Paris near the Eiffel Tower. The family spent their weekends in their villa west of Paris, in Louvres, the winter holidays in the French Alps, and the summer in Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera.

Bree, as her parents called her, was recorded in ballet lessons by her mother Marie-Jean, as well as model courses. At that time she was considered to have the ideal height and no weight problems as her rivals Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Marin Carroll. Brie appeared on the cover of Elle Magazine in May 1949 in her first fashion engagement dressed in a younger version of her mother’s girlfriends clothes. Her blonde girlfriend was developing after her first days in the fashion business when she met Roger Vadim, assistant to director Mark Alegre, discovered the biggest stars of French cinema in the 1930s.

Vadim was sent by his boss to see the 16-year-old girl in connection with a new film project. Bardo does not get the role, but he and Vadim instantly fall in love. He introduced Bridget to his friends in the media, gave her books like Simone de Beauvoir’s “Second Sex” and introduced her to sex. The two began to meet in secret, and later apparently against the will of her parents who threatened to send her to England. They only weakened when Bardo tried for the first but not the last time to commit suicide, but they were categorical that they could not get married until she was 18 years old. Depressed by the thought of not seeing her beloved, Bridget put her head in the oven and burned, but her parents found her in time. Her wedding with Vadim was in Paris on December 21, 1952, and this is the last time Bardo appeared in conservative clothing.

After four years in cinema, Brigitte has shot a dozen films that have been spotted thanks to her beauty and sex appeal. Vadim’s first film as a director – “And God Made The Woman” in December 1965 with the participation of his wife and star Jean-Louis Trinitian, changed everything. It achieves a quick success and the actors gain international fame. The film ends Bardo’s marriage with Vadim after she falls in love with Trinityn. Four years after her glamorous wedding in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Vadim and Bardo divorced. Bardo was madly in love with Trintyn, who also divorced his wife. They lived together for two years, but then the frivolous sex goddess started dating singer Gilbert Beko, who was married. The cheating has become commonplace in her life, and she always first leaves a relationship. Bardo itself admits that she had more than 100 lovers, some of whom were women.

Jacques Sharrie is her second husband and father of her child. She did not want her pregnancy, but Shariri’s parents persuaded her to keep her child. Birth at home was difficult. Bardo never made a close connection with his son, Nicholas, born in January 1960, and Sharie took custody of a child

At her 26th birthday, Bridget again attempted suicide by swallowing a whole bottle of sleeping pants and cutting her wrists in her villa in Nice. “I’m not born to be a mother, I’m not mature enough, and I know it’s terrible to admit it, but I’m not mature enough to look after a child,” says Bardo several years later.

Bridget is once again driven to depression by the same media who constantly praise her. She hated the hordes of reporters who followed her on the heels and revealed it relentlessly. Her beauty reached its zenith in the 1960s and her film career collapsed at the end of the decade.

Bardo has connections with his colleague Warren Beatty, musicians Serge Gainsbourg, Nino Ferrer, Bab Zaguri before marrying her third husband, the German millionaire and playboy Gunther Zax in Las Vegas. Saxh won her heart by scouring her home in Saint-Trope with roses released from the plane.

Bardo began a singing career in the early 1960s. Between 1962 and 1982 she recorded about 70 songs. Bridget left the cinema in 1973, “in order not to let the cinema leave her, which is very typical of Bardo, to take the initiative and go on,” reveals her biographical book.

Lonely and miserable in her 40s, she married her fourth husband, Bernard d’Ormall, in 1992.

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