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For the fog in our souls

I personally find something mysterious in the mist. When there is fog, we have to drive a lot of protection. We have special headlamps for this purpose. Today, I read an article that made me wonder if that may be true. Once you read it, please share your feedback in a comment. Here is the short story: “After a busy day, I spoke to a friend at the stop and waited for the trip, and the city was again in a dense fog and we talked about how the city is suffering, somehow we were standing in the way of an old grandfather with a white cane in his hand. we were warm and murmured with a sigh: “No mist in the city is terrible, young men, and the mist in the souls!” Then he continued to knock with the white cane on the uneven tiles, found his way and lost himself in the mist The bus was already coming. the light … “

Can the fog fit into our breaths? And the light can heal us?

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  1. I love this photo. Your words full of mystery, and I guess the fog hides things. However, I know we get fog in New Zealand too. Like many places the weather can change within seconds especially by our mountains.
    We also need to take care.
    Great post

  2. Nice! The light is important for a dentist, as it helps him/her gaze into our mouths. I often smoke a lot of cigarettes before I visit mine, to give the impression of the fog fitting into my breath.