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A Bulgarian woman who is not known around the world as star artists. Today 02-02-2018 has a birthday even at 96. Stoyanka Mutafova does not give up her great love theater and on her birthday she once again went out on the stage of the Satirical Theater to play in the show “Stoletie moe”.

In 1941 Stoyanka graduated from the First Sofia High School of Girls. He then went to Sofia University where he graduated from classical philology. Just at the end of his career, he turned to acting.

The 96-year-old actress has been dancing to the stage steppe, charlston, serttakes, rumba, waltz and the energy of an erupting volcano. Although she is one of the best comedic actresses, she admits she is not the smile. “I am always a bit sulky, and when I’m not moody, I’m dangerously cheerful, and as I am cheerful, I get dangerous – I’m getting crazy.” I bow your head to your wife. For her untiring energy. For her talent and her will to teach young people how to struggle to achieve success in life and the profession. And most importantly, she is just an earthly man who has not forgotten his origins.

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