Security situation in America worsened, China

Shootout killings, thieves, robberies are common in the US, and Security situation in America worsened Chinese embassy Issued warning in Washington.

During the trade dispute with the United States, China instructed its citizens to be careful when traveling in the US.The Chinese Embassy in Washington warned its citizens that there are Shootout killings, thieves, robberies are common in the US, US customs agents take inquiry and take possession of Chinese citizens with out any reason.

The warning further said that corruption and fraud in the US is a common matter and as well, natural disasters and a lot of risk also exist. During the American visit, Chinese citizens may also have to pay expensive medical bills.

The Chinese Embassy further added to its citizens, be careful from unknown and suspects people while traveling in the US and avoided traveling alone in the night.

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  1. Things are not good. We have gangs, killers, thieves, rapist, murders, just like every country. It is worse si some parts of the country. I would say that people should be alert wherever they are. There are criminals everywhere. This is really nothing new. I would warn anyone going to a place where they are not familiar and have language barriers. I think China can tell their citizens they need to be careful. I am careful. Not sure this is new or different at all.

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