The unemployment rate in the United States got 4%

US employers created two million jobs in June 2018. Which indicates the confidence of the economy despite China’s growing threat of the commercial war.  However, in June, such opportunities could not be created and the level of unemployment remained on 3.8 Percent. Due to lack of opportunities, unemployment level increased by 4% to a marginal increase.

A statement issued by the government on Friday, due to the unemployment level increase the fact that more people have emerged for new opportunities. An increase of 2% in the corresponding period of last twelve months. That’s exactly the equivalent of inflation, in this regard, a salary did not increase due to a year earlier. In a report In June, compensation did not increase because of increase in employment seekers.

According to the report, the number of people who came to the job market was of graduates who usually got less salaries. The report states that in June the number of employment seekers recorded 4 million 99 thousand.

In June, the production sector generated 36,000 new jobs in June, while the education and health sectors provided more than 54,000 new opportunities. Similarly, automobile industry employed 12,000 new workers.


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