Donald Trump calls for North Korea’s President rehabilitation meeting

The fixed meeting between Donald Trump and the North Korea President is suspicious. US President Donald Trump said that there is a positive discussion with North Korea that is a successful meeting if it can be held on June 12.

President Donald Trump has once again called for a meeting with the North Korean President. Earlier, the US President had announced to cancel a meeting with the North Korean President. On June 12 in Singapore, the US President and the North Korean delegation met once again to play role for this meeting.

The President, Donald Trump, said in his tweet, “Positive and constructive talks are going to be resolved in the meeting with North Korea.” If this negotiation is successful, it is possible that the meeting with the North Korean Head will be the default date on June 12, but if necessary, this date may be further extended.

Now it was clearly done, a meeting between US and North Korea leaders agreed on June 12, but last week the US President announced the ban on North Korea because of not following the terms. On which North Korea reiterated the commitment to continue the meeting.


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