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Real Life Story: The White Lady

When I was traveling back to my hometown from a nearby province, my sister and I saw a white lady walking at the side of the ravine. It was so scary to see a paranormal unexpectedly. We were riding in a shared van. Thus, most of the passengers had seen it and the driver continued to honk his horn. For old folks believe, if you make some loud noise, the paranormal will stay away and not harm the people who had seen her.

During that time, there is nothing happened to us for the rest of traveling back to the city. It seems unrealistic but the white lady does exist. Some people won’t believe it but others continued to believe that paranormal activities are not hostile to humans.

After a few days of seeing a white lady, I had dreamed about my grandfather who passed away. He died in the USA within that month. With disbelief, I continued to believe that my dream is just coincidence. It just happened that I had dreamed about someone and passed away after. I even bite a piece of wood to reverse the death of family members. But it didn’t happen.

My dream of someone happened randomly. But then, bad things come to my family. I was just thinking that it is just a coincidence. The loss of my grandfather was a serious overturn the bad habits of his children. The dream was just a coincidence. Since the death of my grandfather is due to the poor condition of health. It was because of his poor lifestyle during his younger years.

“Is it connected to dream of death?” I think it wasn’t the case.This is a random case. Some people believed that it is a part of developing the psychic ability. It was being proven by people who have the gift. “Do I have the special gift?” This needs to be answered by someone who has the same experience.


What do you think?


Written by Steven Gamboa

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