Real Life Ghost Story: Young Man Walk Back and Forth

There are so many ways to determine if a place is infested with the presence of a ghost. Some people will claim that ghost will show up because of something or wanting to give a message from the grave. There is also a feeling a sudden dizziness and the head is like expanding. The area seems so heavy and dark even if there are so many lights.

When I was having an internship program in Manila, I was so excited because it is my first to leave my hometown for a long time. The owner of the clinic referred to stay in her grandmother’s house. The place is so nice and it seems so inviting for visitors. It was an old-type house situated in the city. However, I felt something different when the owner asked me to stay in a particular room on the second floor of the house. I am not at ease and the feeling is totally strange. For such reason, I requested to stay in the other room.

It has been a week that my colleagues staying in the house. There are some weird stories being shared together in the living room. However, we don’t usually let the owner hear about it. One time, my colleagues and I are all at the dining table. A colleague is a bit disturbed and asked her whats going on. She whispered that there is a young lad in the stairs and keeps on walking back-and-forth. With such claim, I managed to turn my head towards the stairs and saw it too. The young man was looking at us and seems he wants us to go upstairs.


I stopped looking at the young man and whispered to the owner of the house. She was watching in the living room. I told about the young lad and feel a bit scared. She was surprised about it the incident. Then, she looked at me and said, “You look like my grandson who passed away last year.” It is his death anniversary at that time when my colleagues and I moved to the house for one-month stay.

The following day, the owner asked me to visit the church with her. She asked a favor to offer a prayer for his late grandson. I never refused with such a favor from an elder. After that, there are no scary things happened in the house until the last day staying in the house. I assume that the restless soul found peace and had followed the light to heaven.

What do you think?

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Written by Shavkat

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  1. Interesting story. Yes, I went to Warwick castle in the 1980s and went down into the torture chamber. It looked tidy and like nothing. But suddenly my feet went up the stairs and I couldn’t wait to get out.
    I heard screams .
    The blood of other poor souls screaming from the grave.
    So many atrocities committed by human beings being cruel to others.

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