Quote Challenge: Day One

I was nominated by @Kim_Johnson to take part in the three day quote Challenge each day you pick three of your favorite quotes and for the first two days you nominate three deserving users, having so many that speak to me This was not an easy task but a fun one.

I took this at the College I attended once upon a Time, and one of my favorite quotes by Emerson seemed to be the perfect fit.

“All I have seen Teaches Me to Trust the Creator For All I  Have Not Seen.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Emerson

Being a woman of faith the above quote really spoke to my heart.

In the second quote by an unknown author, I took this pic of Little Miss in November of 2014 and the quote was a perfect fit.

“Life Is Like  A Camera ,Just Focus On What’s Important, Capture The Good Times, Develop From The Negatives, And If Things Don’t Turn Out- Take Another Shot.” Author Unknown.

In the Ginal quote I use another image I took of Little Miss at the College I once attended.  We had just lost our poodle of 13 plus years Abby the adorable and Little Miss took it hard of course so my older niece decided that we should all go to the beautiful campus and just soak it all in.

Again I am not sure who penned this quote but I wanted to add this one to the ones I choose for the day.

“What We Are is God’s Gift To Us, What We Become is our Gift to God.”

Unknown by Me…

Now first off I would like to vote for @Ellie925 poetry who has offered me support as have many here over the past few months.

Secondly I would like to vote for @CarolDm whose shared her heart and her beautiful gardens with us from the beginning.

Lastly but certainly not least I would like to vote for @MommyofEli2013 whose inspired us with her beautiful art, poetry and photography.


What do you think?


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