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Quote Challenge #3

It’s raining for days. I like neither rain nor cold so I am in the home most of the time, crafting and cuddling with my cats and dogs. And I am happy. I truly am. Happy for being alive, for being healthy, for having the most amazing daughter on the whole world, for shearing my time and space with those furry creatures, I adore….

So, I could count blessings for hours. For some of you, those might appear as bagatelles but they meant a life to me. One small thing after another…. that is life. Spectacular things may occur once or never in a lifetime, but small ones are bricks that the whole Universe is made of.

That’s why I decided to finish this Quote Challenge in happy spirit. 🙂

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Be positive and optimistic. Don’t wait to be happy when you earn more money, buy a bigger house, get married, finish school….. because there will always be unfinished work that could bother you and make you feel less happy. Cease the moment and enjoy it because life is beautiful and you can see it.

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Everything in your life depends on what you think. What you think is what you do and what you do is who you are. In the beginning, there was a word. Not written one, but the word in your mind. Your thoughts mold your world. No need to plan in advance. Just decide today to be happy. And do that every day. 🙂

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Like I said previously, today I decided to be happy. So I put my cozy sweater on, find some nice music on YouTube, let my cats lie on my lap (well, they are everywhere ? ) and start typing this post……


What do you think?

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  1. Waw… I feel the happy energy of every letter and word that has been compiled into this amazing post. Great ending to this challenge, Zaklina. Thank you for accepting and completing this challenge very well and greatly. My apology if I am late to find this beautiful post, whatever the reason is there is my negligence.