Playing him like a Piano – part 1

Kat had been studying Jeremiah Roberts for five days; beginning right after her last exam.

He’d  been part of the ‘array’ she’d been gathering since Christmas, and survived the Spring Break culling. She’d removed all those who were married or didn’t match her criterion.

She’d narrowed her scope to three, and Jeremiah Roberts was perfect.

He was raised by his grand mother. His grandmother, a born and grown Yardie who arrived in America as an adult.

Thousands of Jamaicans, going back to the 1950s who had left their children behind, had gone to America to make a life, and at some point, sent for their kids.

The children, having experienced deprivation, feeling unwanted, for often the money sent home by the parent was taken by the other relatives, would  arrive in America with an attitude.

These children, somewhat damaged, would marry and have no qualms about leaving their children as they were left.

The Grandmother, who had to leave her children, would grip the Grand child as a life line, and do and give all she had.

Katherine Townsend wanted the kind of Jamaican man who, had been raised by a grandmother and had that world view imbued by a Grandparent whose clock had stopped in the ’50s.


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Written by jaylar

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