Playing Him Like a Piano – part 6

Kathrine loved Damian as he loved her, from their first meeting as children. They had grown up in the same life, wanted the same things.

Damian Holness, as Katherine Townsend, grew up in the United States, raised by their  mothers and ‘step fathers’. The ‘steps’ disappeared  before they finished Elementary School.

Kat and Dami had ambition but no money. They became experts on how to use people. They’d learned from their mothers.

Not  having money but needing it, both began dating people who would pay  their way into movies and dances and buy them gifts. They would find others who would take them on as charity cases.

They’d gotten through High School and  had entered University on partial scholarships. They gained campus jobs  to pay the rest and ‘topped’ up via their various lovers.

They   saw each other secretly. Each was the only person never lied to or  deceived by the other.

They  lied to everyone, easily. They invented pasts and futures, and adopted personalities that would be effective. Sometimes, they’d give each other ‘tips’ on what to do or say with a particular stooge.

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