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Perhaps This is the Situation

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Maybe it is grief, but why today? Why after so many years it is all of sudden so raw and fresh?  What triggered the waterfall of tears, the confusion and that deep sense of loss that I thought I had dealt with. Today I feel like I just got the news that Mom died. It happened a long time ago. 

I find it unsettling and worrisome.  I can’t bring her back. She was so sick when she died. I know she feels no pain, so why can’t I stop crying? How do I even explain this?  My family just keeps looking at me like I am crazy. I can’t even talk.

What is this and why now?


What do you think?

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  1. I completely understand this kind of feeling because it happens to me. My father passed away almost 10 years ago.

    Nothings wrong with you. We can grieving some one we love no matter how long it’s already happens. It just simply because we missed them.

  2. Sometimes thoughts from beyond and us here on earth somehow collide, I really believe this is true and so what it means is that for some reason up above your mom or her spirit has thoughts of you and suddenly you had this surge of grief. It can be with seasonal changes and also other changes in the atmosphere. It also happened to me this afternoon I had a very dear friend for years and we never lost touch and then suddenly he died while I was still in Latvia. I had not thought about him in ages now even though I will always remember him and today for some reason suddenly there he was on my mind and there I was all falling apart. It happens and if it happened to the two of us then things are changing and rearranging up above,

  3. Many things can trigger our emotions. You are ok. You are upset because you love her and you miss her. You are still grieving perhaps. Sometimes we are never done grieving. Let your emotions flow. She is always with you.


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