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Part of U.S. border wall falls over into Mexico


Instead of the mantra being “Build the wall,” the slogan has now changed to “Build the wall again!”  In Calexico, CA, a section of the US border wall collapsed into Mexico due to high winds in the area.  

The goal of the wall is to keep people from crossing over from Mexico to America.  However, if the material used for the wall was easily knocked down by some wind, then immigrants will figure out a way to overcome the obstacle of this flimsy wall.  The big bad wolf is not supposed to huff, to puff, and to blow the wall down.


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  1. I think the wall is not the solution …. but these refugees are a very big problem for us too … they have barbed wire with us which also does not hold them (they are not refugees but economic emigrants which is a big difference for me)

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