Bee population dwindling in Mexico


For the past couple of years, the wild honey bees are becoming an endangered species in Mexico.  Different activists are establishing bee hives so that the bees will continue to thrive.  The lack of bees can lead to a lack of food being produced within the country since bees are one of the major pollinators in nature.  

Let’s look at one of the reasons why the population of bees are dwindling in Mexico.  Over the past year, agriculturists have caused for the tequila market to boom.  The reason why is due to genetically modified agave.  That’s right – GMO agave.

That means that the genetic altering of agave allows for pesticides to be sprayed on fields all throughout Mexico.  The more pesticides sprayed means that the bee population will continue to go down.


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  1. The rise of Tequila is a contributor, but seriously years of farming have drained the area of resources. The African Honey Bees (sometimes called killer bees) have moved into southern Mexico.

    But climate change is probably 70% of the reason Bees are dying.

    • Yes, it is. There was an incident last week in Mexico in which the cartel had a beekeeper killed in order to take the land to grow agave. That’s why this family was keeping bees up in the hills in the video so that they are not killed for the land.

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