Monarchs' Lives Matter


Why do the lives of monarch butterflies matter?  The reason is that the monarch butterflies pollinate crops just like bees do.  However, the population of monarch butterflies have been on the decline over the past two decades.  The main reason why the butterflies are in danger to extinction is due to the herbicide RoundUp.  In fields and gardens all over the world, the weed killer destroys the milkweed, the only thing that the monarch butterfly eats.  No milkweed, no monarch butterflies.

In the above video, Monsanto verbally claims that they are working with environmentalists to preserve the monarch butterfly.  However, actions speak way louder than words.  In Mexico last week, a butterfly herder was murdered.  The reason why he was killed was because the loggers and avocado farmers wanted to take that land to chop down all of the wood and use the land to grow avocados.

Monsanto did nothing to protect this environmental activist.  Instead, they will profit from these avocado farmers that will use pesticides and herbicides made by Monsanto.


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