Off duty firefighter saves the lives of three persons from a burning home

The life of a firefighter in New York City is like being a super hero since they can on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

In the case of New York Fire Department (NYFD) firefighter Ruben Doge who was coming home from his duties as a firefighter, he answered the call to assist a grandmother and her two grandchildren who were trapped inside a two story building in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens when it caught fire.

Doge despite not having his uniform and fire equipment in his possession went inside the two story building based on his training as a firefighter to get out the burning building the grandmother and her two grandchildren out of the building and into safety.

Doge who is a father of three children took the attitude of rescuing the trio that was trapped inside the burning building since when he heard the cries of the children that were in the burning building, it hit home that those children could have been his children.

The grandmother and her two grandchildren were taken to Roben’s home where paramedics took care of any injuries they suffered in the fire.

Doge has downplayed his act of saving a family of three persons inside a burning home since believes in being modest.

Crystal Duge who is the wife of Roben calls her husband “Superman” for his actions of saving the lives of three persons in the burning building.

In the words of a Dallas Cowboys highlight video that came out in 1979 the Dallas Cowboy radio announcer ¬†said “Just another day at the office.”

Duge is on his fifth year of service with the NYFD who are the unsung heroes of our nation in my humble opinion.


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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    • Ruben admitted that he acted on instinct and love for the family that was stuck inside the burning building since he has a wife and children himself.