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Firefighters rescue a dog that was trapped in a hiking trail in Colorado

An emergency call from the owners of a five year old Great Pyreneese who weighs 120 pounds who was tired and thirsty who could not come down from the Maxwell Falls Trail in Jefferson County Colorado.

Unless any of the family members were as strong as Hercules or Superman, it was very hard to carry Kato from the high point in the hiking trail to the beginning of the hike trail.

Members of the Evergreen Fire And Rescue answered the emergency when the family members who own Kato had discovered that Kato was not with any of them after they walked a mile.

The Evergreen Fire And Rescue team members used a stretcher to carry Kato from where she was standing at the hiking trail to her reunion with her owners.

Score one for the Evergreen Fire And Rescue team members for assisting Kato to reunite with her owners on Sunday.

Taking a hike is a wonderful way to get some exercise and fresh air, in the case of Kato, she needed water to drinks to recharge her batteries.


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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  1. Great story that ended well for this Great Pyrenee dog. These dog have stamina when guarding flocks and fighting bears in their native land but going on a hike, I agree they need lots of frequent short water breaks. I am glad that the dog and the family are OK. Keep coming up with these types of post. They show that some humans and all animals are OK to be associated with.

    • I just writing stories that have happy ending whether it is a rescue of a human or animal which is lacking in today’s entertainment shows and movies.