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My Goal….An Update!

Yesterday I had set a goal for myself to see if I could earn 1000 Virils in a 24 hour period.

You can read about my goal HERE

For this purpose I submitted 4 quizzes. I had hoped that views from my quizzes will see me cross the line but thanks to this experiment I have discovered something. If I am wrong, hopefully a Virily Editor will come and give an official word.

The views that appear next to your post are not unique views. Only unique views get paid and you get a list under Virils page. So a post might have 50 views but only 10-20 might be unique.

So yesterday my numbers were:

Current balance       4,383

Visitors Referred      39

Total Posts                32

Today my numbers are:

Current balance 5,217

Visitors Referred 44

Total posts : 37 total

I was able to earn 834 Virils overall from posting quizzes, viewing and commenting on other posts.

Have you ever earned more than a 1000 Virils in a day?


What do you think?

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  1. I have just started here, and I shall keep a record of my daily virils, in the hope of always getting an increase on the previous day. Oddly enough I had 361 on day 1 and 362 on day 2 – so maybe tomorrow I will get 363! There’s a huge gap to 1000 though!

  2. Well, you got closer than i thought you would. Still very confusing… I dont know the most virils in a day, guess I should keep better track. With almost 1000 guests on this site now, I was hoping they would answer some questions that we all have.

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