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Hello, guys! I created my Virily account last month but as you can see, I never really posted anything. I was originally a regular blogger from Niume until they discontinued the system revenue. Some of the regular Niumers then recommended this site, so I created an account here but I really had no idea how things work in here so I kinda abandoned it. I’ve also been kinda busy the past month and weeks so I never really had the time to post, but I want to change it. I’ve seen how amazing this site is, and I want to give it a try. As of now I still no new ideas on what to post, so I’m just gonna post this instead as an introduction and my first post too. I hope I have a great time, like you all do! And I hope I get to see some of your amazing works as well 🙂 In the meantime here’s a picture of my cat to make up for my lack of content.


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