MK-Ultra or Monarch Project

MK-Ultra Projects were mainly used by the CIA to do experiments on certain people in order to create drugs for use in interrogating and torturing victims. Such method weakens victims in order to make them confess. Other methods that were used to manipulate the victim’s mind and change brain functions include drug usage, mostly LSD, but there were many other chemicals usage, hypnosis, isolation, verbal abuse, and sensory deprivation. Although it was officially stopped in 1973, it apparently is still in use in the media, military, business, government, and other areas in society to control and train people to do certain acts as mind control slaves.

Operation Paperclip created Chatter Project and Bluebird Project/Artichoke Project, and they mainly have to do with interrogation, mind control, and behavior modification.

There are six forms of MK-Ultra mind control programming that victims are forced to endure in order to create many alters for different missions or jobs. The victim becomes schizophrenic but learns to push everything deep in the mind in order to deal with their mental disorder and mind control.

  1. Delta has to do with Assassination Programming, in which alters are trained in combat, assassination, and spying.
  2. Theta has to do with Psychic Killer Programming, in which Psychic assassins are able to cause aneurysms from anywhere and anytime. They telepathically communicate with “mother.”
  3. Gamma has to do with Deception Programming, in which alters are trained as deceivers. They spread disinformation, as well as easily fool the therapist to throw the therapist off track.
  4. Omega has to do with Suicide Programming, in which alters are programmed to do self-mutilation and self-destruction acts.
  5. Alpha is the General Programming as well as the 1st programming, and it includes giving slaves a photographic memory that records everything which every alter sees or hears.
  6. Beta has to do with Sexual Programming, in which alters are instructed in the art of seduction and sexual pleasures. They will take part in sexual rituals, acting in as well as directing of child pornography, and prostitution. Those trained to be sex kittens often see themselves as cats. The Top Betas are Presidential Models in order to service Presidents, Royalty, and other high-ranked government officials. They regularly hang out in the White House.

I first learned about MK-Ultra mind control while watching certain dark movies, such as Clockwork Orange and other Stanley Kubrick films, as well as many other films. I didn’t understand these films because I thought these films were just weird. But as I watched more of these “weird” films, I was encouraged to do my own research. After doing extensive research on this topic, I now notice many dark symbolisms in many films, news bullshit, false flags, and other forms of media.  It is now so obvious that it isn’t even funny.


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  1. This is a very manipulative and dangerous type of mind control program. But actually, we always consume mind control products such as advertising and, as you say, the media, and even through the world of education. But there is also a mind control model that is taught precisely to free ourselves from such misleading programming. This model is a way to discover the originality of ourselves in addition to pushing us out of the limits that we make ourselves or programmed by anything and anyone.

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