Some Mistakes Can’t be Corrected – 2

Penny had, during the divorce of her parents and the argument over custody, taken the stand and portrayed her mother in such dark terms that not only was custody given to her father, but her mother was not allowed contact.

For those who knew  Jennifer, Penny’s mother, the testimony given by Penny, was outrageous.

Everyone knew Jennifer supported Penny while Artie was out chasing girls.

Penny’s mind had been poisoned against her mother by the neighbours, one of whom was Artie’s girlfriend. Penny,  had testified, proud of how she twisted facts and Daddy won!

She knew Daddy would be so proud of her!

She hadn’t expected that Daddy would send her to live with his sister Helen and that she’d never go back to her house where she was born and had lived for eleven years.

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Written by jaylar

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