Some Mistakes Can’t be Corrected – Part 4

Penny decided to visit Daddy, to go home, as she would call it. She packed her clothes into her school bag to hide her destination from Aunt Helen and went down to catch the bus.

She took the long ride, finally reaching her stop and went down the road to her house, greeting people who had been her neighbours.

Trixy, the helper, who was  now Artie’s woman, opened the door to the house and said; “What you doing here?”

“This is my house…”

“This is not your house, girl! This is now MY house, and you go back to where you were…”

“I’m gonna tell my Daddy!”

“Go and tell him…who cares about you?” and Trixy slammed the door shut.

Trixy, the helper, slammed the door in Penny’s face.


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Written by jaylar

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