Why Consistent Co-parenting Is Vital After Divorce

Parenting after divorce takes collaboration, cooperation, and a whole lot of patience. It’s not unusual for one parent to notice differences in their children’s behaviour when they return from a stay with their other parent. Now, this can be very frustrating at first, especially if your parenting style is different than that of your ex-spouse.

If that’s one of your concerns, then why not try having a civil conversation with your ex about how inconsistencies can greatly impact your children after divorce— and see if you can come up with a better plan.

Remember, consistency in parenting after divorce creates the smoothest transition. If the rules that were previously established in your home are still being followed by both parents even after the divorce, the children are likely to easily adjust to the new changes in their lives.

In families where both parents dramatically disagree about important parenting decisions, the consequences can be worrying and even dangerous. Your different beliefs regarding curfews, discipline, eating habits, homework, after school activities, etc can create disarray in your children.

Keep in mind that when parenting is unstable after divorce, the kids could lose that sense of continuity and security.

For that reason, it would be wise to arrange a conversation with your ex and talk about ways in which you can agree on some rules in both houses. Now is not the time to point fingers— instead, focus on your children’s needs so they would experience agreement and consistency between their parents.

However, If you can’t find a place of understanding and agreement, try to accept each other’s differences rather than create more strain in your relationship. In time, your children will adapt to the differences in both homes and come to accept that as their new reality.

Divorce can get really messy, that’s why having good Divorce Solicitors by your side is important as they can give you proper advice on how to settle things with your ex that can also benefit your children.

Lastly, we tend to demand a lot from children when they move from one home to another. For that reason, you should give your kids some slack. Give them time to adjust after an away-stay with their other parent. Remember that the effects of divorce is much more difficult for them— both physically as well as emotionally.


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