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Many of You Here Know Me

Many know that I have a very specific reason to keep writing here. It is all part of healing and forgiving. My husband read a message where someone attacked my character. He agrees that I am far from perfect and make mistakes, still he saw the devastation. He has asked that after I help Doc Sunday, I leave the site. 

He said that someone else will have to count the bluebirds. (He counts all the bluebirds that Carol posts.) He believes that being here is causing more heartache than good. Today I don’t disagree.  If this is not a place where you can voice a concern it is too restrictive for the likes of me.

If I decide to end this, then I think it’s time to shut down the digital and simply close the doors. While the blog is fun and a great exchange of ideas, there is really no income and it’s time away from family. My husband didn’t consider Virily like that because he loved reading your posts and looking at your pictures with me. He thought he knew you all.

He said this “You have always been Eeyore who will always end up alone looking for your tail.” I suppose he is correct. Eeyore has always been my hero because he just keeps going, but I am not as strong as Eeyore.

I would imagine I will shed some tears as I worry what to do. When you wear your heart on your sleeve you are bound to get tromped on and still I am who I am, and I wouldn’t want to become so hard. I worked hard to get rid of the hate and the anger.

The only thing I am sure of, is that if I can keep posting Doc will have 30 posts to read and I know others will help because Doc has and always will be a hero.

What do you think?

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  1. I do understand why your husband is saying to leave. I would ask that he read this.

    That he consider the value you bring to others. The smiles you create with your blog. The answers to the thoughts you bring.

    You are an inspiration. But as an inspiration, I understand that he is protecting you. I truly understand that.

    We are stronger if we stand together.

  2. I agree with Indexer, there is no place for anger and hate. I even do not imagine that something could hurt me here. Criticism is always welcome, but healthy criticism that forces us to improve our skills and writing or makes a discussion. If it’s mockery, hate, I would simply leave it behind me without paying attention. Although until now, I did not notice anything like that in Virily. I try not to mention anyone in my posts because we are too different from different cultures with different education and worldwide. No intentions to hurt those who think not I do. I have a great pleasure writing in Virily, that’s why I am here.

  3. It is important to help others in this world, our responsiblities are well beyond just ourselves and in this world nobody is an island.
    I firmly believe that people need each other, you may show a light or truth that gives me divine instruction and when I look at you, I see Christ in you.

    There is nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve, I do it all the time. I often want to give up but I have people depending on me and I must do it for them…

    I love reading your honest posts,,,There are always people who put others down for no good reason, but know if they put you down, they also put others down too…

    Don’t give up because of them…

  4. This will always be a community of friends, where criticism is meant to help rather than to hurt. Of course people will disagree with each other from time to time, but that is one’s opportunity to respond and argue for one’s point of view. Hate and anger certainly have no place here.

    • Criticism is that helps and makes people want to improve when handled correctly attacking someone’s character is much different. It’s all fine. This will be the busiest day of my life and then I am going to have peaceful rest forever. Amen.

        • I have heard that statement of yours before – putting your affairs in order and seeking restful peace forever. I know what it means, because I was at one time a Samaritans volunteer.. Please think again – all life is precious.

  5. By leaving you are making that person who hurt you happy. You should stay on and enjoy the place. I have one here who has hurt me too by saying there were messages received complaining about me and that they were pacified by saying I was a newbie. Why no one approached me or Admin was a million dollar question.

    I am not aware who I have hurt so bad that they run to another user for comfort. I have stopped interacting with that person and all is well with me.

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