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Love Bug ~ The Movie

Yes, I know it’s the wrong color, but if I had a love bug it would be pink. Here’s my love bug story. Remember that I am old and it happened a long time ago!

Our movie theater, like most, had a sign that they got a ladder climbed up and changed the dates, shows, and times. They were individual letters and numbers and in my day they weren’t plastic, they were metal. They were very heavy. 

While standing in line to pay to get in to see Love Bug, the number 9 fell from the sign and landed on my head. Blood came gushing and they grabbed my and my friends, put a towel and some ice on my head, seated us and brought us all the candy, popcorn and drinks we could handle. I had a massive headache, but I wanted to see the show.

So my head kept bleeding and I kept eating and watching the show. We walked home together to be safe and went into my house because we had planned a sleep over. I remember my Mom yelling “What is in your hair, it’s all red?”

I said “I don’t know”.

One of my smarter friends said “It’s probably blood she got konked in the head by number 9.”

We laughed. Mom did not.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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