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Practicing Math via car plate numbers

My daughter has just started grade 1, and she actually hasn’t learn Math formally yet.

While we were walking to the park yesterday, we passed by some cars that parked at the road side. My daughter was reading out each car plate number, for fun. The car plate number format in my country is 3 letters, followed by 4 digits, such as ABC 1234. When we reached a simple car plate number, I just asked her if she can tell the sum of all the 4 digits. I was actually quite amazed that she was able to calculate, even up to 40. I knew she is able to count within 10 using her fingers, I didn’t expect her to just look at the digits and get the sum.

That became our activity while we were walking to the park. I think it’s a fun Math practice as well. I always think we can always learn in our daily life.

What is the car plate number format in your country?

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    • LOL. 😀
      Nope, my favorite soccer player used to be Thierry Henry, but I seldom watch soccer matches now. 😛

      My real name is “ka”, and some of my friends call me “kaka”, and that’s why I name myself this. 🙂

    • Thanks! I guess some people just like Math, but some really hate it. Good that your children are excellent on it, so you don’t need to worry much about their Math. 🙂