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I need your help and that of the Administrators

These are the indicators of my board. Something is not clear to me. Unpaid amounts must be $ 18.93. Before the update, I had 4.50 and last month I got 14.43. The board is seen as unpaid 8.07.

I have no 10.86 payout either in the board for this month. Nor do I have proceeds in paypal of such value from virily.

I do not understand where the $ 10.86 difference is lost.

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Written by lacho59

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  1. The previous month is April so you won’t get that money until May.

    The other amount is what is currently projected to be paid. AliBb was the clearest answer and IMHO is the correct answer.

    Basically, you probably didn’t get paid on April 30, right?
    But you will around May 30th.

  2. I never receive any payment from the site and still working on it. I even thought that I will be receiving my first payment because I saw that I have $10.42 in my balance several days before the end of the month. But all of a sudden my balance became $9.89 which fall below the minimum. So, I need to work again to see if I can receive my first payment next month.

  3. lacho59, I’m not sure I’m correct on this but a compare to my dashboard I realised something.

    1) The unpaid $8.07 was from March and its unpaid because you didn’t make the $10 minimum.
    2) $14.43 is your April earning which will be paid “next month”, on end May.
    3) End May, you should get the $8.07+$14.43. (This is just me guessing)

    I maybe wrong and you should ask the admin about it.

      • Hmm… that, I’m not sure …
        I can only guess your $4.50 (you mentioned above) and the March 2019 Balance made the unpaid amount of $8.07.

        But well, I can only guess… you still have to hear from the admins for the answer.

    • That is what I was thinking about too but not sure it’s like that… If I understood well she already had $4.5 in Unpaid and she said last month (march) she had $14 so it seems she should have been paid… :/
      I was thinking about something else but not sure it could be that…

      Lacho!!!!!!!! He is right!!!!!!!!! Last Month today is updated for April!!!!!!!!! 😀

      • Can you tell us which numbers you had where exactly before the today’s update…?! 🙂 Today what you had under This Month (Total = Unpaid + This Month) went in the Last Month so the Last Month is now saying the April’s amount… What was written yesterday on your Dashboard…? Do you remember…?

    • You are right… I hope they will answer to her… When they answered me I told them about the MommyElie’s problem (twice) and they only thanked for informing them… Now I sent them a message with this link too..
      Seems there are still problems with the dashboard… It was updated daily in all the sections yesterday and the day before yesterday when it was first updated, so I hope the current situation is only because the new month started… Although I don’t have such situation like Lacho on mine… :/

  4. April doesn’t appear on my unpaid earnings either.
    I don’t know how you got that $8.07, the Virily dashboard very confusing.
    Do you remember how much you had before the recent updates and payday?
    I had about $8 until payday, where the March earnings ($6) were added and I received the payment. You either had about $4 and the March earnings ($4) were added, or there’s something wrong with your dashboard. 🙁

    • April is not in my Unpaid either but that’s because it’s the 1st of the new month and I was paid yesterday I suppose… I do have that number in the Last Month though – it is shifted from the This Month to the Last Month, , the Yesterday is pending on mine too and the Last 7 days is also filled with a number which is smaller than yesterday (I was less active these days so i guess it’s correct)… This Month also needs to be calculated so there are some shifts in the process that are waiting to be calculated I guess…

      If she had the amount she wrote she should have been paid yesterday but she says she wasn’t… She wrote her amounts under Unpaid and the Last Month weren’t summed up well yesterday therefore $10 is missing therefore wasn’t paid… She had $4.50 under Unpaid and $14.43 in the Last Month which wasn’t added to the Unpaid yesterday, it should had been $18.93 and received as a payment, instead it is written only $8 under Unpaid so $10 is missing and she wasn’t paid…

      • I couldn’t explain the $8 I had before the yesterday’s update and payment, as the ‘history’ below doesn’t show all the months.
        That made me think the March earnings were already included, but they weren’t, and it showed up in the payment I got.

        It might be that her total earnings are $8.07 and she’ll get paid that plus $14.43 at the end of this month, making a total of $22.50.

        • I think she confused the calculations and everything will be paid this month like you said…! 😀

          Yes!!! She actually earned $4.50 in Feb + Last Month (March) was $14.43 so the Unpaid should say $18.93 and that should be paid this month (end of May), but now I don’t understand the $8 number… ?!? :/

          It is actually the situation that once happened to me… I think the problem is definitely the 1st of the month and some things still missing…! You all confused me here…!, hahahahah ;D

        • Seems I was wrong… I got confused with all the answers and Lacho’s explanation of the update she meant (of which day).
          Like I first said it’s probably due to the new Month and I think she confused some of the numbers…

          PS Great your post is approved today, I didn’t manage to comment any today but I will when i manage… 😉

          • It’s hard to understand something when you don’t have all the data required. No problem. 😄

            Thanks! Actually, I have a poll that’s still pending.
            And another poll I submitted right now. But it’s good to have something fresh after all these days. 🙂

        • Yes, I asked for more info from Lacho but she isn’t answering…

          I submitted the post about the dashboard I was mentioning but since the state on it was changing every day and all these problems, I had to change it every day after it wasn’t approved and submit it again so who knows how long I will have to wait!!! :/(

  5. It is the first day of the new month therefore calculations are probably currently in the process… The situation was correct before midnight on mine.. On mine zero is under Unpaid since I was paid yesterday and This Month and Month to Date are currently zero too waiting to be updated due to the new month but your situation seems like something else… :/

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