How To End Your Life

Self-murder is not required.

If your life is so messed up that you are considering ending it all, it’s do-able without you needing to die.

Young people everywhere are getting the wrong message when our media all but celebrates the suicide of a “celebrity.” They are suggested that, somehow, through their death, they will be vindicated or avenged or missed.

Few things are further from the truth. This world will treat a suicide like a comedy and your loved ones will call you a coward for murdering yourself.

Yet, there are times when a life must end. I had to end mine once, in fact.

And I did it without murdering myself.

How is this done? I walked away.

Yep. If you cannot even operate your own life properly for…reasons, just set that thing down and walk away.

This way, the messed up life is effectively ended, everyone is still alive and, you just might still have a chance at one day falling back in love with life again.

Nobody needs to die.

It’s not easy but it really is that simple.

And, if you ever find yourself needing a stranger to talk to, someone who understands, hit me up. I might not be a fast response but, I too have knowledge which just might help.

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Written by DonaldPennington

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  1. More good advice. Many people have been in the situation to end their life. My son was only 16. He didn’t know whatever he was going through would get better. But he is gone now. Nothing I could do to save him. Very sad how the media does celebrate suicide. There are no celebrations when you lose a child.

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