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Back Story to the Song ~ Why

Interview with the band Rascal Flatts about a song titled “Why”. 

I wanted to ask you about the song, “Why,” and the line about leaving the stage in the middle of the song. What is it about that imagery that really spoke to you?

That song, in particular, was a really tough one to cut because all of our lives have been affected by suicide. Gary and I had in uncle in 2001 that took his own life. … We were very, very close to him, and we were affected by that greatly. We played music with him a lot and grew up with him. Joe Don, as well, had a friend in high school that took his own life. 

So I think that for us that song hit really close to home and dealt with a lot of emotions that we’d been feeling — and dealt with it in a way that was so delicately put. We felt like it was something that we could sing about, dealing with a very difficult matter that a lot of lives are affected by. It could give you a little bit of hope and a little way to deal with a tragic situation. 


One last note. Allen Shamblin (song writer) was childhood friends with Richard Roddy. Richard taught Allen to play guitar. On 10/26/02 Richard took his life, Allen attended his funeral, as Allen stood under the oaks this song came to him. Just that quickly, this song was written.

This song always makes my think of Dustin. It is a bittersweet song. But many have listened and it has given them pause to find hope to continue living. 

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Written by Carol DM

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      • that is the scary reality. As a senior in High School, my buddy (part of the group I hung with) was sad. we were dumb high school kids so we tried to cheer him up. But in the end we couldn’t and he couldn’t and he ended his life. i would do things so much differently now then I did then. if I had it to playback.

        • I had no idea Doc. I am so sorry. All this time and I did not know your experience. You never get over it, hold on to the memories. Remember it is their choice and many times you have no signs. I had zero signs.

          • i blamed myself and our group of friends broke up because none of us could move on for a long time.

            it was a dark time in my life. I never share the poems I wrote then. The memories are always there. I just don’t share them often.

  1. I don’t know this song but have known people who committed suicide. Awful things happen to people .
    I am sorry that this happens but if they do this there is nothing we can do. Except support and love the living as much as we can.
    There is always hope, and when trouble comes just remember, these troubles soon pass.


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