Along Moves a Caterpillar; for CarolDM and Anyone Else Missing Someone

I promised someone I had a story to tell. I hope this helps someone. This story has helped me to understand some things.

Along moves caterpillar. He crawls along, eating what he can, growing as big as he can, as quickly as possible.

If everything goes well, ultimately, the caterpillar ends his days in a pupa, to change into a beautiful butterfly.

While in his cocoon, the caterpillar completely liquifies. The caterpillar is, effectively, no more.

But as we all know, he does not die. Soon after a few days, really, the former catterpillar comes out one of the most beautiful creatures in existence – the butterfly.

We all know what kind of joy butterflies bring.

The catterpillar never really dies.

Also, researchers have confirmed, the newly-born butterfly responds to the same stimuli which the catterpillar is trained to respond to.

So, although the caterpillar is no more – no more himself as an insect (which chews food) but a true bug (which feed with a proboscis), he still retains the same memories.

It is my belief, this serves as an example for us Humans to help us understand, death is an illusion. A myth placed in our minds to cause us to believe we have something to lose

We all have someone we miss. I have many. And when I get to missing them, I remember the caterpillar is now a butterfly and I feel their presence again.


What do you think?

Written by DonaldPennington


  1. Years back, during a much darker time in my life, I posted a piece which upset and hurt you, terribly.

    I felt horrible about doing it. I realized, with your comment, I had made a horrible mistake.

  2. Oh my goodness Donald, I needed this so much. Especially today. You are so right about the caterpillar and the butterfly. Thank you for taking the time to remember me and others. You have made my day.