Historical facts that will make you blush

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Some not very well-known details of the lives of historical figures would be at the top of the “Unbelievable but Facts” section. Here’s what spicy trifles have appeared to some of the most prominent personalities in history. Mozart wrote a song called “Lick my ass /”. The composer was a big fan of scandalous and dirty humor and wrote this song for six voices.

Once in France, it was a tradition for queens to give birth to an audience. French Queen Maria Antoinette has had such a large audience that she was almost oiled by people who tried to fit her room in Versailles when she was born.

President Lyndon Johnson once pulled out his penis during an interview. The reporter was keen to ask him why the American soldiers were in Vietnam. Then Johnson unbuttoned his pants and waved it with the words: “That’s the reason!”

Mahatma Gandhi loved doing strange experiments, calling them “chaste experiments.” He left young people of both sexes to bathe and sleep together. Nevertheless, sexual conversations and actions were punished.

Alexander the Great had 361 concubines. These are too many women and a Great One, are not they?

Ekaterina Velika had an insatiable sexual appetite, but she had an employee who “tested” the men before visiting her bedroom. One of her servants checked her selections if they had no venereal disease.

Genghis Khan has slept with so many women that 0.5 percent of the world’s population can trace its origin to it. That’s 16 million people.

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  1. President Johnson was a real pig. He also held meetings with his staff while he was sitting on the toilet. He made his staff sit where they could see. And when it came to womanizing, he put Bill Clinton to shame.