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We attended a wedding and a reception last evening. It was an interesting mix of people. We knew most of the younger crowd there because we had met them and seen them at the house and celebrated holidays with many of them.

There were many over the age of 70 that were neighbors or relatives that we had not met.  The various conversations were so interesting.  One gentleman brought a card over to the people sitting at a table near us.  The person brought on card over to us to  read. It had the same wording as the one you see above.

“What do you think this means?”

“Well, its sounds to me like someone might be trying to stop negative gossip or conversations. I don’t know the gentleman who gave it to you. I don’t know you.  I find it odd, and I would just say it is generally good advice and go on with the great evening.”

He replied “I am offended.”

“I am sorry to hear that and I understand how you find it offensive. I hope you can just let it go and celebrate with the happy couple.”

“So you want me to ignore bad behavior?”

“Sir, I hope you have a good night and do whatever feels right for you. I chose not to be involved. It has nothing to do with me.”

What would you have done?


What do you think?

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  1. What is bad behavior continues to change. I wonder about that sometimes. One of the people on the team that works for me, took out his phone during a meeting the other day.

    I looked at him, smiled and said “we don’t have a no phone in the meeting rule, yet…”

  2. Well, it really does spoils the mood a little if you get such a message and especially if its unexpected like this …
    But yeah, you did right to not get involved and a bonus, you didn’t ignore his feelings too.

  3. You see here you got raylicite answers .. You would probably have done differently than you are. It’s normal because people are different.
    You said what you thought.
    Maybe it was right.
    But it does not matter, it’s important to be yours and to have your own principled attitude.
    No matter what other people around you think differently.
    So be your own.
    And that’s the most difficult thing in life.

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