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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of new people joining Virily

How do you make Virils??? 

I thought this poster might be helpful. All the information is gathered from Virily’s FAQ page listed in the link below.


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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. It is all very confusing as I am terribly new here. I guess it takes time and patience and things often change? Maybe. I don’t see a chat box for support any longer. Is that new?

    • Yes, it is confusing at first, they cant seem to put the rules down in one easy place. Join the facebook page run by Norman Darlington. There are often questions asked not found anywhere on the site. It has helped me, I ask a lot of questions there. lol. Things do change as they are brand new, not even a year old yet, and they are still trying to figure it all out. The chat box is on the bottom right hand corner, you will not see it when they are not working. Most of the admins take the weekend off, but there is someone there to read and put posts through. Anything you need just ask me, or Norman, he is a plethora of information.

  2. It would also be nice to know why it takes so long to moderate posts. I don’t think to wait 2 days to approve my posts is asking too much since I don’t plagiarize my postings (quizzes). They could be losing members operating this way. Maybe there should be a schedule as to when is the best time to submit posts.