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Forgiveness: What is Your Take?

There are times in life we feel the need not to forgive someone. We still hold onto grudge not wanting to sweep away the hatred and resentment to a person who has hurt us. Sometimes, life is unfair.

But also, we have been culprits at several times whereby we have wronged someone. Some of us are considerate enough to ask for forgiveness while others don’t want to. They don’t want to acknowledge they’ve hurt someone.

What do you do when someone hurts you? Do you allow negative emotions to take control of your life dictating what you should and should not, how to behave and why you should not behave in a certain way? Does it appear when you forgive you giving that person leeway to continue hurting you? 

Forgiveness is for the benefit of you. Sometimes we feel we are benefiting someone. To some level, yes. 

She you allow anger, hatred and bitterness become part of your life; you’re only harming yourself. There are scientific studies to prove the importance of forgiving.

You have to learn to forgive because in life we will always be hurt and will hurt others knowingly or unknowingly.

It does take time to forgive but don’t take too long to forgive. One might say, “You don’t know how it feels?” Sure, I don’t know. But, I read a story of a wan who forgave a man who raped her while she was young plus other countless others.


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