Fate Can Be Kind – 10

Emma got pregnant again, and took a brief hiatus from work.

She and Simon lived comfortably. They had their own lives, their own interests, with no sense of either having to conform or compromise.

A few months after their second child’s third birthday Simon died in an accident.

It was shocking but not devastating.

She and the children lived well on his insurance and her salary. Although she missed Siimon, having never loved him in that insane way, being more compatible then passionate, she did not fall into grief or confusion.

With so much family around, the children were almost smothered with attention, the in-laws virtually going to war over who had them during Christmas, or Easter or the summer break.

They wanted to be independent and couldn’t wait to leave home for  college and to make their own lives. They kept in contact with Emma and sometimes she would visit and they would always come for Christmas making it an enormous family occasion.

Emma had sold the house when clear the kids were not coming back and bought a small condo.

She had many interests, many friends, and lived a  full and busy life.


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Written by jaylar