Unto the Third Generation – part 6

The grandchildren of Edward and Nancy were born spoiled brats. Unaware of how they became rich, or how to maintain their wealth, they resided in an endless childhood.

They lived off their parents, occasionally dabbling in the businesses their Grandfather owned, more to gain the obeisance of employees, than to perform worthwhile tasks.

They knew nothing of life, for they had never struggled, never known lack. They were accustomed to getting what they wanted, when they wanted it, save if the stores were closed, or there was a storm. Then they ‘suffered’ the denial of their desires.

They were not interested in education, or professions nor were they intelligent. They made up for their ignorance by a pompous turn of their nose and a denigration of those who purported to know more.

They had no understanding of life, and didn’t feel they needed to see reality.

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