A Children’s Message

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Children need to run and play outside with their family and friends. Don’t make them become couch potatoes or children that text each other all day.. Their lives will be full of less excitement in their future. Maybe they would like you to play with them. Maybe draw them a hopscotch sidewalk game. I know I played this game when I was little. Children are our future, so get some together and learn from one another.

I saw this photo in my downloads from a while back, and I wanted to shout a message to all that have their ears open, that children need our help.

Image credit- Pixbay


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna


  1. Totally agree, children and adults need to be able to play outside as well as indoors.
    I was lucky we had a reserve to play in as children and used to be able to play in the creek. Thats off now because it isn’t safe, children have got murdered walking to school. However, we do have “Walking School buses for Children” its a great idea. Parents walk with their children with other parents to schools. They can play outside with supervision.