The Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

November 2005 Gloucester, Massachusetts

Right after Viterbo was born Kathy said “He needs to have a sister…right away. I want the Salt & Pepper Shaker Set.” At first I was uncertain how this would play out. Viterbo was kind of a miracle baby since three doctors had told Kathy she wouldn’t be able to have children. Clearly they were wrong, but it took 5 years. Wasn’t sure how realistic repeating this in less than a year was.

We started on “Operation Female Sibling” as soon as Dr. DeLillo gave Kathy the green light. To cover our bases we visited a Fertility Specialist in Reading. We were both put through a series of tests to see what obstacles we might face. Before we got the results, Kathy was pregnant. Violeta would arrive 11 months after her brother & we had the Salt & Pepper Shaker Set.


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Written by PaulPallazola