Unto the Third Generation – part 4

The businesses Edward began were successful. The Rashfords had money. Eric could marry a woman from a wealthy home and have the dream wedding.

As a wedding present, his parents bought Eric a house. He paid them back in small emoluments to prove he could stand on his own feet.

He thought this was be evidence of what kind of man he was.

Although Eric could live simply, his wife, Amanda, was used to certain things,so spent a lot of money on what to her were necessities. Eric had to work long and hard to ensure that Amanda had her ‘necessities’ which put a strain on the relationship for he was ‘never home.’

Unlike Nancy, who had helped her husband gain his fortune, Amanda had no intention of getting her hands dirty.

Sam and John  married women like Amanda who lived to spend money. Unlike Eric they didn’t work extra hard to ensure it was balanced but enjoyed their lives.

Almost as much as David.

David graduated University and came home to do nothing much. He had a sinecure in the company where he did little work. When he was present, he marched about like royalty barking orders.

For he was David Rashford.

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