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Dream meaning, dream analysis, of a simple dream of this writer

A dream of mine, of my walking up a steep hill, is examined here.

I was dreaming that I was walking along a road towards a wall, which extended in both directions outwards from the road.

Other people were also walking here, along the same route.

This was a very steep black bitumen path, leading up a hill, continuing on, on the other side of the wall.

I tried to climb up the steep pathed track, but halfway up the path was a sort of a half-closed gate, which was a pull-down sort of one, pulling down, from the top. It was something like a garage door.

I tried to crawl under it as the others were all doing. 

They were all bending backwards, limbo fashion, to try to get under the low clearance of the half-opened garage door.

It was higher in the middle than on either side, so I climbed under the middle, bending back, as in doing the limbo dance, to get under it, but I bent back too far, and I fell down flat onto my back. It was too steep for me to try to sit up again as my head was down, and my legs up the hill.

I asked someone nearby to help push me up from my back, to a seated position again, where I could then stand up on the other side of this gate, and continue to walk up to the top of the hill.

Here is a possible meaning for my dream:

This dream is perhaps depicting the journey of life, which is always going uphill, taking us up to the top of a high mountain.

Sometimes, there are apparently closed gates, or half-opened ones, along the route, and we must get through these, with the help of others, when needed, as best we can do so.

Here, I did not have to follow the other people’s method, though. I could simply have crawled through, and under, like a baby crawls, to get past this obstacle.

It can be easy for me to write down a dream of mine sometimes, from my recall of it, but to draw something that I have seen, in my dream, can be difficult for some people like me, who are not so good at drawing.

I have tried to depict what the wall, and the road looked like here, but the steepness, cannot be seen, in my simple drawing.

I have also sometimes made up a tune, or a song in my dreams, but for someone, not able to write music, these song tunes, are often forgotten, and lost to me, over time too.

Photo Credit: The photo used, at the top, of this article, of the limbo dancer, was sourced from the free media site,

The other picture, the drawing, belongs to me, the author of this piece.


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Written by The Dunce

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