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Dream meaning, dream analysis, of a simple dream of this writer

A dream of mine, of my walking up a steep hill, is examined here.

I was dreaming that I was walking along a road towards a wall, which extended in both directions outwards from the road.

Other people were also walking here, along the same route.

This was a very steep black bitumen path, leading up a hill, continuing on, on the other side of the wall.

I tried to climb up the steep pathed track, but halfway up the path was a sort of a half-closed gate, which was a pull-down sort of one, pulling down, from the top. It was something like a garage door.

I tried to crawl under it as the others were all doing. 

They were all bending backwards, limbo fashion, to try to get under the low clearance of the half-opened garage door.

It was higher in the middle than on either side, so I climbed under the middle, bending back, as in doing the limbo dance, to get under it, but I bent back too far, and I fell down flat onto my back. It was too steep for me to try to sit up again as my head was down, and my legs up the hill.

I asked someone nearby to help push me up from my back, to a seated position again, where I could then stand up on the other side of this gate, and continue to walk up to the top of the hill.

Here is a possible meaning for my dream:

This dream is perhaps depicting the journey of life, which is always going uphill, taking us up to the top of a high mountain.

Sometimes, there are apparently closed gates, or half-opened ones, along the route, and we must get through these, with the help of others, when needed, as best we can do so.

Here, I did not have to follow the other people’s method, though. I could simply have crawled through, and under, like a baby crawls, to get past this obstacle.

It can be easy for me to write down a dream of mine sometimes, from my recall of it, but to draw something that I have seen, in my dream, can be difficult for some people like me, who are not so good at drawing.

I have tried to depict what the wall, and the road looked like here, but the steepness, cannot be seen, in my simple drawing.

I have also sometimes made up a tune, or a song in my dreams, but for someone, not able to write music, these song tunes, are often forgotten, and lost to me, over time too.

Photo Credit: The photo used, at the top, of this article, of the limbo dancer, was sourced from the free media site,

The other picture, the drawing, belongs to me, the author of this piece.


What do you think?

Written by The Dunce


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    • I dream nearly every night.

      This was the simple one from last night, maybe not so simple though, as every dream seems to carry a lot of behind the scenes stuff to unpack, as Doc said it so well.

      Last night, I was dreaming that I was in a small country rustic old town.

      Somebody rolled a medium-sized log of wood down the slope of the hill, going down to my house there.

      It was rolling fast and viciously, towards the house.

      I adeptly waited for the right moment, then I simply stomped my foot down hard, directly on top of it, stopping it in its tracks.

      Another man, idly standing by, said to me,

      “Well done, my lad. Well done, indeed!”

      Maybe this tells me that problems continually roll at us from life, going downhill, sometimes at great speed, towards our home and castle.

      We should have the confidence to stop them dead in their tracks, as I did so well, in this dream.

      (Things do not always work out well for me though. The night before, my car was stolen, in my dream)

  1. wow that is a box to unpack!

    The hill in our lives represents the struggle, the every day the grind.
    The door now that could be many things but likely it is the limits we place upon ourselves. We are bound to the world and live in the Boxx of our creation.

    the argument would be, not could you climb under the door rather would it better to remove the door forever?

    • The fact that others were also trying to climb under the door would mean to me that others have similar doors in their lives too.

      But yes, to remove my own door, altogether, l must do it it my own way, not by copying what others are doing to remove their doors.

      If I copy them, I fill fall flat on my face, or my back, as I did here.

      (Even then, l can be helped up, though, to have another go at removing my own door)

      Thanks for your thoughts here too.

        • Yes, at least, in the dream, I got through to the other side, past the door, but it still looked like being all uphill, on that side for me too…lol…

          Perhaps, I do have to more live from my gifts, or my abilities, as I have had trouble owning them in the past.

          • i spent time with the Buddhist monks near my house (there is a spiritual site near us)

            the monk and I once discussed the concept of that 1000 step journey.

            I asked what if I trip?

            he smiled as said, then you were meant to.

        • Perhaps that Buddhist Monk was meant to reply like that too.

          I am not a fan of the idea that we are meant to do anything in a destined way.

          So, is there any truth to this idea of destiny guiding us like this, and so we are meant to perform certain tasks, and fulfill certain experiences in our lives, along the way?

          I think rather that destiny lives not in the destination, but in the now, of the now, of the now, of the now.

          This means that every experience governs itself now, and so becomes a part of our journey, because it has fitted itself into our journey, via this now; the future is nonexistent, but is also, in hindsight, built only ever now, from now, now too.

          • I do often wonder if he meant that as a fatalist view (all is ordained) or as a sarcastic (when you trip to trip).
            He is longer at the temple, but the new monk is delightful. He gives my dog rice candies and lets the old soul (my dog) in the temple.

            It is an interruption in our walk that leaves both of usfeeling better. Our journey of 1000 steps paused for a moment.

        • I hope he lets you into the temple too, with shoes removed, I guess too. Your dog does not need to do that though.

          If we can pause in our steps, I wonder how long we can keep paused, before we get stepped on, or kicked on, by some other force….

          • yes, shoe-free he lets me in. I would prefer to say that when my pal and I walk we are on a journey when we stop and visit our friends we launch a new journey. As humans, we are always seeking a new path and a new journey!

        • That raises an interesting question, for me

          Are we only on one continual long journey, or are we on infinitely different, continually new, sub journeys?

          In the now, there is no time for a journey, just infinite myriads of nows, which can be called different journeys, because, when we experience each instant of now in new ways, the now changes, and grows us inside of it for God, (or the collective you and me) and for our self of course too.

          • are we part of a continuous cycle of growth or do we have a scant time to finish the work on perfection?

            that is an eternal question you’ve asked. The easy answer would be to say yes or no. the real answer is that once energy is created, it must be used. So the energy humans create must eventually be consumed by something.

        • What if I said that the energy in anything does not come from that thing itself, but comes from the burning of the fuel within them, which is love.

          The core of that Love is God, or the totality of oneness as love or energy.

          We are just burners of this energy, and the burnt energy achieves what it achieves, neither good, nor bad, for oneness, it is just what it is.

          • i would argue is that were true that all would be thin.

            i suspect that love is a fuel that provides for itself and burns without connection to the body.

            that love exceeded/extended the body.

        • Your idea sounds plausible, but wouldn’t that mean that love just serves itself with its independent burning of itself, wouldn’t it?

          Love lives not alone, but in connection with itself and others, and each coal on its fire helps it to burn, but the heat, the firepower, the flame, still comes all from love, alone.

          • or that love exists separate from what we are, that it is part of that essence of us that exists beyond what we are (corporal).

            that the energy of love is the fire we build in our lives. The smaller the fire, the less love we share.

        • Yes, I agree with you there.

          That’s sort of what I have been trying to say here too.

          I like to talk as if I am talking from my soul, not from my human.

          When most people think that I am talking about stuff from the human viewpoint, they sometimes do not see completely what I am saying, or trying to say.

          I seldom talk from the human viewpoint; I prefer to think what the highest part of me would say, or even what God would say in any situation.

          I assume God’s existence, and I like to work backwards from there, rather than starting down here in my human, and trying to work upwards to God, instead, so to speak.

          I like to talk from, as I imagine it would be saying, “that essence of us that exists beyond what we are (corporal),” as you put it nicely there.

          • a friend of mine is a poet and English professor out in California. he says we pitch our voices so that tin ears can hear the sound!

            but when we speak from within, the tin ears hear regardless of pitch.

        • That sounds a profound statement the Prof made there.

          Rust wears things out outwardly, but not inwardly, unless our heart is made of iron, and not steel, covered with the price of gold, or of truth too.

          The heart, mixed with the right consciousness, turns iron into steel.

          Both the head and the heart are both required.

          Head knowledge rusts away truth, but heart knowledge never rusts away, if the tin ear is listening

        • The life force squeezes past us, and tries to come inside, but we must choose it, for it to enter, as it only brushes us by, otherwise.

          We need the inner and the outer us to participate in this decision, otherwise, the life force is not living in us fill-bottle.

        • Thanks.

          From the viewing platform of God, if there is a God, perhaps God has no split in his personality, or in himself, and yet a type of a split is created when he created.

          This is because God lets the Universe act autonomously, both from conscious, and unconscious laws and programmings too.

          God is seeing how long it takes for creation to consciously understand all, not just unconsciously being a part of it all.

        • Ha, ha. Yes, Maybe, God loses his marbles, sometimes, over the way that we do not sometimes marvel at these marbles, or take his role seriously, preferring to roll our own marble, in a less than perfect way, for him, or more for ourselves.

          If we just allow our own marble to roll by itself, it will always roll perfectly for us then too. That’s what we need to come to see.

          We need to roll our marble, and any rough edges will be honed off by life itself, by being oiled with love, so we are never too much hurt by this process.

          • i wish i could say yes, you have presented perfection. But, sadly many go through life making their rough edges worse. Edges become craters and craters change the rolling of the marble.

            I wish we could simply say that the intent is to smooth those edges. The goal is to roll better.

            but the reality is some do not care.

        • That might be so on the surface view of things, but to my mind, in the overall progress of the world in total, it can only go forwards.

          Nothing goes backwards. Everything is being moved forwards, even if it tries to drag behind.

          A train moves forwards with all passengers on board, even if some are breaking windows in their own carriage.

          Can any of us leave the journey completely, or not?

          That is a good question, of which I do not know the answer, but I think not.

          We are pushed back onto the track, continually, until we appreciate it for what it is.

          • Does God’s creation only ever move forwards, or can it move backwards too, how far does God’s grant of freedom extend?

            I would say that there is freedom of the individual and freedom of the overall creation equation added together, but the synopsis of that equation, or the drawing board it sits on, is God’s, and the equation’s answer will always become too, or be reached eventually, by God’s creation, because even if additions and subtractions are made on the way on one side of the equation, on the other side, the answer always remains exactly as it is, and as was given to his creation in the beginning.

            Eventually, the equation will balance itself as higher consciousness sits on the other side unravelling the equation for us. Our consciousness is always in the process of growth. Its seed can not be stopped growing. Eventually, it will understand God, and his writing of the answer on his side of the equation too.

          • It is an interesting question you ask. In the US and other places, we depict lady liberty as blindfolded but holding a scale. The balance being the creation of fairness within the legal and moral systems of people.

            Does the universe do the same? or is there a separation of “love” and fate? where fate happens to all equally, but love takes open eyes to see?

        • There is no fate greater than the power of love playing out its own fate in you, which is not fate, but a program of growth.

          Fate is played when we neglect our growth, and leave our growth to the pigeons, rather than to love.

          What does leaving our growth to the pigeons mean?

          Love grows in you by you growing in it, but a pigeon just flies around, getting titbits where it can, and neglecting the honour role of love that God has enrolled it in, because it likes to flit around, rather than to really fly.

    • Well, I can only talk about myself. I prefer to go full throttle at all times.

      I have found that if we do this, and give things all that we have got, our degree of full-throttle “currently allocated to us”, expands for us then too.

      I have no interest, myself, in only being half-connected to my soul, or to God, for me, it’s always all or nothing.

      I want to be my full self at full throttle working optimally fully loving to my current capacity at all times.

      Otherwise, I think that I am letting myself down, not living as fully or as maximally as I could be. I am in other words, wasting some of my potential.

      And yet, “Chief Sitting Bull”, the Indian chieftain, once said that it is better not to attack whenever you get the chance but to conserve your strengths for the battles that matter.

      So, I can see his point a bit too.

      But, I feel we are strengthened from within when we need it, so we should not hold back at any time, for who are we to judge, when we should hold back, or not.

      We might hold back at the wrong time, and make a major misjudgement, or “mistake”, by our doing so.

      • That of course is the other option. But going full throttle is only one way to be.

        I do like your description, but I wonder if what you are saying is really that when committed you throw yourself in, when not-committed like most of us, you back the throttle down a bit.

        • Perhaps you are right, and it is impossible for us to go full throttle, all of the time.

          Even the Christian Bible claimed that God, himself, rests at times.

          And yet, is there rest also going on at the subatomic levels?

          Does the Universe itself ever rest?

          Einstein’s special theory of relativity assumes the absence of any rest frames.

          • If we split the universe into the conscious and the unconscious. the intent-based (thought) and the activity based on energy (thought-free) then yes there are parts of the universe that never stop.

            The special theory would apply. But thought requires release, it takes more energy to think and the body has to rest.

  2. I have heard too that the dreamer themselves is usually the best person to interpret their own dreams.

    I do not know what the psychologists would say about this dream, but most dream dictionaries say something like that walking up a steep hill is showing you that there is something that you are struggling with, or against, right now in your life.

  3. That is very interesting and great you could analyze your dream. I know that the dreams we dream which we can remember clearly when we wake up are the dreams we should take into consideration as having some important meaning.

    • Thanks. I posted this not as a reply to you before, but as a general reply. I try again now.

      I have heard too that the dreamer themselves is usually the best person to interpret their own dreams.

      I do not know what the psychologists would say about this dream, but most dream dictionaries say something like that walking up a steep hill is showing you that there is something that you are struggling with, or against, right now in your life.


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